Подбор магнита на счетчик


How can i use it

Treasure's salvage magnets nowadays

Modern treasure's salvage magnet is made using a special metal - neodymium. This magnet is a high-quality product, which has the broadest scope of application nowadays. Besides neodymium the composition of treasure's salvage magnet includes iron and boron. It is due to these metals, treasure's salvage magnet has particularly high degree of magnetization. It's ten times stronger, than have well-known magnets made of ferrit. And its widespread popularity and frequency of application by users depends on its ability to lift a freight weighing up to 800 kg.

How can i use rare erth permanent magnets

Most times Permanent neodymium magnets used for the meter, because all strong neodymium magnets can stop almost all type of meters.

So. If you are looking for strong neodymium magnets for your meter, you can find them below, under the description. But first, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the use of a strong permanent neodymium magnet for that exact purpose may be illegal. However, if you want to know which neodymium magnet is able to stop the meter and which is not in order not to fall under the category of “malicious users”, the list below the article will help you.  It is there that we have collected the Powerful Permanent Neodymium Magnets of cylindrical shape with the strongest magnetic characteristics, which can greatly affect the electricity meter readings as well as stop the water and gas meter when in close proximity to them.

Which powerful neodymium magnet can stop the water and electricity meter?

Some powerful neodymium magnets would cause only a small inaccuracy, while the most powerful neodymium magnets listed below would completely stop the work of the water and electricity meter, as well as the odometer. Which is why do never bring powerful neodymium magnets close to water and electricity meters and do not leave them there in order to prevent them from stopping, as well as to avoid possible problems with the legislative bodies and infringement of the electricity and water suppliers’ rights.

How to choose a permanent neodymium magnet that won’t break the meter?

If you still have doubts as to which of the most powerful permanent neodymium magnets can be safely left in close proximity to your meter and which powerful permanent neodymium magnet is better to keep away - call us, as in most cases we know the types of water and electricity meters that stop at the presence of a strong magnetic field. We will help you avoid possible trouble by telling a safe distance for each strong neodymium magnet, depending on the type of your electricity or water meter, at which your meter will normally operate (without errors) in spite of the presence of a strong neodymium magnet.